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Community Building

Community Building: Write, Speak, Go

Mark Miller interviewed me today on building credibility in your community. This is part of a series of talks on how community leaders became engaged with their communities: how they found the community, the process they went through to become part of the community and insights into how you can become more credible and visible […]

Follow The Leader

No Shortcuts… But Relationships Come Pretty Close

This year, rather than making a resolution for the year, I’m participating in an activity called, “30 Days of Hustle,” started by Jon Acuff. Someone has already done what you are trying to do. —Jon Acuff Here is a tidbit from Day 13 (TODAY) of the Hustle, which embodies the mission of ConnectorMan: Someone has […]

Project Status KPIs

JS Link code for KPIs in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 has a powerful new feature known alternately as JSLink (when working in SharePoint)and Client-Side Rendering, or CSR (in the Microsoft literature). Either way, the point is the same… this code runs on the client side, meaning after the page loads. Client-Side Rendering is pretty straightforward, but takes a little understanding of how the […]

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