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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

This post is co-written with Daniel Glenn and you can see more of his content at www.danielglenn.com We want YOU to speak at SharePoint Saturday Nashville! The speaker submission deadline for the May 14, 2016, event is Monday, March 21, 2016. Wait. Before you read go, please watch this… Obvious to You; Amazing to Others […]

Book Review: Everything But the Posts

Book Review: Everything But the Posts by Becca Ludlum

When my bride and I re-launched her blog, AmyJoeJimBob, last Fall, we realized that A LOT had changed since she stopped blogging in August of 2009! Scouring the internet for the latest, greatest information on what’s working now I kept coming across advice from one blogger more than any other: Becca Ludlum of MyCrazyGoodLife.com. I […]

Community Building

Community Building: Write, Speak, Go

Mark Miller interviewed me today on building credibility in your community. This is part of a series of talks on how community leaders became engaged with their communities: how they found the community, the process they went through to become part of the community and insights into how you can become more credible and visible […]


Make Your Facebook Page Sticky

Planning for a Facebook Page When you set up your Facebook Page and start inviting people to it, be ready to tell your “Likers” how to use the page, and how you’re going to use it. Are you going to be sending a feed from your blog there? Will every post show up? How often […]


Community-Building in Kurdistan {Iraq}

When Nairobi first appeared on my radar, I reached out to my friends and fellow-SharePoint aficionados, Joel Oleson and Michael Noel, to see if I could talk them into a visit to Kenya. These guys are two members of a group of intrepid globe-trotters who have taken on the mission of establishing community everywhere they […]

Voyeur - Feb 2013

Lights! Camera! Conference!

After writing Conventional Wisdom: The Attendee’s Guide to Making the Most of Trade Shows, Conferences, and Conventions and offering it for Kindle on Amazon, I received an email from journalist, Nichola Clark. Nichola asked if she could quote me for an article she was writing for Virgin Australia’s in-flight magazine, Voyeur. Her article, “Conferencing: a curtain-raiser,” discussed […]

SharePoint Saturday Nairobi

Building a Community

A week from right now, the second annual SharePoint Saturday Nairobi will be wrapping up. A year and a half ago, there was no organized community of SharePoint users in Kenya. “I’m the only one in Nairobi using SharePoint.” —The first 50 SharePoint users I spoke to in Nairobi In February 2012, when I first […]

ConnectorMan via Email

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