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Building Bridges

Building Bridges as a Connector

Most people probably don’t think of building bridges when it comes to networking, or making connections. Most probably think of all the things that AREN’T part of making true connections. What it Isn’t Being a connector ISN’T: passing out business cards, collecting business cards, being the life of the party, being in the spotlight, remembering […]

Tell Your Story - by https://www.flickr.com/photos/genericitis/

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

This post is co-written with Daniel Glenn and you can see more of his content at www.danielglenn.com We want YOU to speak at SharePoint Saturday Nashville! The speaker submission deadline for the May 14, 2016, event is Monday, March 21, 2016. Wait. Before you read go, please watch this… Obvious to You; Amazing to Others […]

Using LinkedIn Search Alerts

Find New Connections Using LinkedIn Search Alerts

If you’re using the free account on LinkedIn to cultivate relationships in your lane (and if you’re not using it at all, you should be), you’ll find at some point that your search is limited to only four people per search. When you hit that limit, it can be very frustrating and just not worth spending […]

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Breaking News on Periscope – Profile URLs!

For 24 hours, you can watch the replay here: periscope.tv/jbhoward And now… buttons: @JBHoward


Connecting as a Couple

Sometimes you get invited to participate in an event that you just can’t pass up!

Words of Wisdom

LinkedIn is running a series of articles on the topic Best Advice, where successful professionals share the best advice they’ve ever received and/or given. It made me think about advice that I have received… and implemented. And some I’d really like to act on more often. “A fourth grader is a genius to a third grader.” […]

Book Review: Everything But the Posts

Book Review: Everything But the Posts by Becca Ludlum

When my bride and I re-launched her blog, AmyJoeJimBob, last Fall, we realized that A LOT had changed since she stopped blogging in August of 2009! Scouring the internet for the latest, greatest information on what’s working now I kept coming across advice from one blogger more than any other: Becca Ludlum of MyCrazyGoodLife.com. I […]

Follow The Leader

No Shortcuts… But Relationships Come Pretty Close

This year, rather than making a resolution for the year, I’m participating in an activity called, “30 Days of Hustle,” started by Jon Acuff. Someone has already done what you are trying to do. —Jon Acuff Here is a tidbit from Day 13 (TODAY) of the Hustle, which embodies the mission of ConnectorMan: Someone has […]

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