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ACTION REQUIRED: How to Postpone the Public-Facing SharePoint Online Deadline

There was a day—back in the early days of SharePoint Online—when you could have a public-facing (read: anonymous access) website built on SharePoint Online. That day is over. You can no longer create a public-facing site with SPO. And if you already have one, it will soon be DELETED. … Unless you take action now! My […]

Tell Your Story - by https://www.flickr.com/photos/genericitis/

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

This post is co-written with Daniel Glenn and you can see more of his content at www.danielglenn.com We want YOU to speak at SharePoint Saturday Nashville! The speaker submission deadline for the May 14, 2016, event is Monday, March 21, 2016. Wait. Before you read go, please watch this… Obvious to You; Amazing to Others […]

World Domination: Rule Your SharePoint 2013 world with workflow web services

My deck from #SPSDC on June 6, 2014: World Domination with SPD 2013 web services workflow

How to Use a Custom Web Template

Self-Service Site Creation Using a Custom Web Template in SPD 2013

In my previous post, I walked through using an SPD 2013 workflow with the Call HTTP Web Service action to create a subsite in SharePoint. In that post, we used Kirk Evans’ sample code, which looks like this: body: { ‘d’ :{ ‘parameters’: { ‘__metadata’:  {‘type’: ‘SP.WebInfoCreationInformation’ }, ‘Url’: ‘RestSubWeb’, ‘Title’: ‘RestSubWeb’, ‘Description’: ‘rest-created web’, ‘Language’:1033, […]

How to Create Sites with an SPD 2013 Workflow

How to Create Sites with an SPD 2013 Workflow

SharePoint Designer 2013 has some new features that allow you to call a web service from a workflow. I recently used this new feature to create a self-service site creation workflow for a Project Management Office (PMO). (more…)

Project Status KPIs

JS Link code for KPIs in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 has a powerful new feature known alternately as JSLink (when working in SharePoint)and Client-Side Rendering, or CSR (in the Microsoft literature). Either way, the point is the same… this code runs on the client side, meaning after the page loads. Client-Side Rendering is pretty straightforward, but takes a little understanding of how the […]


Community-Building in Kurdistan {Iraq}

When Nairobi first appeared on my radar, I reached out to my friends and fellow-SharePoint aficionados, Joel Oleson and Michael Noel, to see if I could talk them into a visit to Kenya. These guys are two members of a group of intrepid globe-trotters who have taken on the mission of establishing community everywhere they […]

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