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Jim Bob Howard - HeadshotWho is Jim Bob Howard?

I am first a husband and a father. For fun, I get to go to work and play with SharePoint. Having invested over 20 years in software development and website management for companies of all sizes, since 2009, I have applied my expertise to SharePoint UX/UI Development, which I currently do from Central Texas as a Sr. Solution Architect for Kintivo. Find me on Twitter @jbhoward.

Is that all you do?

I am privileged to work alongside my bride on her blog, AmyJoeJimBob.com, where we write about life, love, and dancing in the kitchen. I’ve also been helping her launch a new business, Decor Pixie, where she applies her creative eye to upscale home decor on a budget, upcycling old furniture, and generally making our home lovely.

Why are you here?

On my LinkedIn profile, I ask:

What can I do for you?

It’s not a rhetorical question for me. I am always eager to bring my skills, experience, connections, and encouragement to the aid of others.

I love to solve problems for my clients. I look beyond the stated requirements, digging into the business process to determine true business needs so that my team can customize a unique, on-target solution; and then train the users to gain the most benefit from the completed project. I love working with ideas, usability testing, and personal interactions to produce, develop and invent solutions that actually impact people’s lives.

What impact do you want to have? How can I help?

Here are a few of my strengths:

  • Extensive experience and skills in presentation and instruction
  • Dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic collaboration and training as a means to maximize the benefits of using the chosen technology
  • Experienced developer in a variety of tools and methodologies
  • Community-building and business networking around the world

Have you written anything?

SharePoint 2010 at Work - on Amazon

SharePoint 2010 at Work: Tricks, Traps, and Bold Opinions

I am the author of the popular NothingButSharePoint.com article series “Extending the DVWP,” a How-To Handbook for working with the SharePoint Data View Web Part in SharePoint 2007 and 2010; and a contributing author to SharePoint 2010 at Work: Tricks, Traps, and Bold Opinions.

I am a regular contributor to Highlands Ministries‘ “Every Thought Captive,” a bi-monthly newsletter on living a simple, separate, and deliberate life for the glory of God and the building of His kingdom.

And I wrote an eBook to help conference attendees make profitable connections: Conventional Wisdom: The Attendee’s Guide to Making the Most of Trade Shows, Conferences, and Conventions.

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