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Building Bridges

Building Bridges as a Connector

Most people probably don’t think of building bridges when it comes to networking, or making connections. Most probably think of all the things that AREN’T part of making true connections. What it Isn’t Being a connector ISN’T: passing out business cards, collecting business cards, being the life of the party, being in the spotlight, remembering […]


Connecting as a Couple

Sometimes you get invited to participate in an event that you just can’t pass up!

Book Review: Everything But the Posts

Book Review: Everything But the Posts by Becca Ludlum

When my bride and I re-launched her blog, AmyJoeJimBob, last Fall, we realized that A LOT had changed since she stopped blogging in August of 2009! Scouring the internet for the latest, greatest information on what’s working now I kept coming across advice from one blogger more than any other: Becca Ludlum of MyCrazyGoodLife.com. I […]


Community-Building in Kurdistan {Iraq}

When Nairobi first appeared on my radar, I reached out to my friends and fellow-SharePoint aficionados, Joel Oleson and Michael Noel, to see if I could talk them into a visit to Kenya. These guys are two members of a group of intrepid globe-trotters who have taken on the mission of establishing community everywhere they […]


What’s a Connector?

I remember well a conversation I had a decade ago with a friend who introduced me to a new way of seeing myself. We were talking about an event we were planning together for homeschoolers in Central Texas when—out of the blue… to me, anyway—Brett asked: “Have you ever read The Tipping Point?” “No,” I replied. […]

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