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How to Use a Custom Web Template

Self-Service Site Creation Using a Custom Web Template in SPD 2013

In my previous post, I walked through using an SPD 2013 workflow with the Call HTTP Web Service action to create a subsite in SharePoint. In that post, we used Kirk Evans’ sample code, which looks like this: body: { ‘d’ :{ ‘parameters’: { ‘__metadata’:  {‘type’: ‘SP.WebInfoCreationInformation’ }, ‘Url’: ‘RestSubWeb’, ‘Title’: ‘RestSubWeb’, ‘Description’: ‘rest-created web’, ‘Language’:1033, […]

How to Create Sites with an SPD 2013 Workflow

How to Create Sites with an SPD 2013 Workflow

SharePoint Designer 2013 has some new features that allow you to call a web service from a workflow. I recently used this new feature to create a self-service site creation workflow for a Project Management Office (PMO). (more…)

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