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ACTION REQUIRED: How to Postpone the Public-Facing SharePoint Online Deadline

There was a day—back in the early days of SharePoint Online—when you could have a public-facing (read: anonymous access) website built on SharePoint Online.

That day is over.

You can no longer create a public-facing site with SPO.

And if you already have one, it will soon be DELETED.

Unless you take action now!

My NashvilleSUG cohort, Daniel Glenn, covers the details in his latest blog post: Update: Postpone the SharePoint Online Public Site Deadline

Go read it now, follow the steps, and you can keep it for one more year.

But as Daniel suggests, start a project now to create a replacement for your public-facing SharePoint Online site. Don’t wait ’til next March!

Let me know if I can help.


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